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Vyuha: A Structural Saga

Opening Night: 1st June, 2020

Exhibition Dates: 1st June, 2020 - 1st July, 2020

Venue: online

Vyuha has its roots in Sanskrit which means formation. A formation is the key to artistic execution; it is the artist who renders these formations and the audience who interprets its meaning. The inspiration for both the artists came from travel and they painted their meaning directly derived from their experiences. In this series of the exhibition, we see a parallel between an almost picturesque rendering of architectural nuances that artist Vijay M Dhore encountered on his travel alongside the surreal depiction of the everyday commute by artist D. Tiroumale.

Artist Vijay M Dhore found a new perspective when he travelled to Hampi, the huge stone boulder one on top of other, alongside the mystic beauty of Vijayanagar Empire. The huge stone carvings, temples, pillars and structure gave him an entirely new architectural experience. His travel then took him to Rajasthan where he witnessed the monumental compositions of medieval Mughal and Bundi architecture. He got inspired by the structural elements, arches, decorative patterns, forms as if it was chimerical.

Artist D Tiroumale, greatly inspired by Dali’s surrealism captured on his canvas a montage of scenes that he witnessed on his daily commute to work. His series of work is inspired by a spark of thought that he had on his daily commute. “What would an auto look like if it was for 100 passengers? That’s when the artist started drawing this series.

Witness this tribute to the beauty of form that exists and manifests itself in all concrete matter and binds itself and forms a visual bond with the expression of these structures.


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