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An Ode to Nature

Exhibition Dates: 3rd Feb '18 - 28th Feb '18

“It is not a matter of representing nature, but of representing those sensations of exultation which nature elicits” – Agnes Martin

A need for quiet space while living in an urban landscape, appears more pronounced, when a sojourn takes me to a space in nature. The daily urban pace and scenario often consumes me, as to blur the quintessential landscaped greenery interspersed with concrete blocks. I make a concerted effort of leaving the space of a modern city to travel and absorb the atmosphere in natural surroundings, unhindered by human occupation. Being ensconced in the natural, never fails to make me wonder at her magnificence and serenity. While breathing in pristine air on an early dew filled morning, I experience sensations to evoke my spiritual leanings. At that moment of being ensconced in sublime surroundings, meditation comes naturally as images and thoughts are allowed to move on in the mind, while I relax and transcend to awareness of a certain stillness to reach an inner space of quietude. As time permits me to be pensive in introspection, thoughts lead towards a philosophical direction that finds solutions to a questioning mind.

In the natural world, I see tones of green with hidden depths and many hues of colors that do not conform to the artist color wheel. The visual spectrum becomes an inspiration to create a body of works in the series on Nature and spirituality. Rendition of an emotion or an aspect of the philosophy of life, determines my brush strokes, techniques, medium or choice of color palette, in an attempt to express myself on the surface of the canvas.

Through my paintings, I am trying to connect with people and to reach out to a common spirituality. The urge is to capture those feelings on my canvas and to attempt to create a visual ode of elation.  The collection of paintings is a reminder for us to conserve, convert and care for a greener planet.

I humbly dedicate this exhibition to eminent artist (late) Yusuf Arakkal, who guided and encouraged me to believe in myself and to be sincere to my craft.

– Shirley Mathew

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