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In the remembered land

Opening Night: 8th Feb, 2019 (6 PM - 9 PM)

Exhibition Dates: 8th Feb - 5th Mar, 2019

Timings: 11 AM - 8 PM

Venue: Sublime Galleria, UB City, 8th floor, Sky Bridge

Madhuri’s art is easy to take in - the right mix of colors, steady flows, and expansive composition. Like other painters before her who have undertaken the same passage, she has opted to eliminate the convention of form for that which is internalized, walking a lonely path by choice. Abstract art, however notional that idea, is an act of courage, but it is also the most sublime - a surrender of the senses before the capacity to move the viewer solely on the basis of color, harmony, movement and imagination.

Madhuri’s works suggest her acute observation of light. Everything else - even color - must needs be secondary to it. That light can be bright, harsh, incandescent; it can be dappled, shaded, shadowy; it can be alluring and seductive or mischievous and playful. Its relationship with color is almost transient. On the surface, they might appear joyful, but a closer look discloses hints of poignancy and destiny. In Madhuri’s paintings, they are her markers of time.

Reflections of time

The rain has been incessant. Outside, puddles have formed. The streets are wet. Leaves have rained down, released from their stems - a bruised autumnal crush of gold. A wet jacaranda is a blur of indigo, mauve flowers scattered atop their own image, creating a mis-en-scene. Everywhere, reality is heightened, distorted, enchanting.

Madhuri’s success lies in capturing the water’s surface - now calm, now. She returns to them almost obsessively, hoarding them in her recollections, a wave of her brush sprinkling fairy dust across the surface like tiny jeweled notes that dissolve in the water.

Beyond its confines, they float then, like the water they imagine, casting their dappled shadows in a reflection of her imagination - and yours. Fleeting seconds frozen into a tableau of infinite possibilities, forever.

The lived experience of landscapes

Any artist’s relationship with the landscape around her is inescapable - nature, beyond all, is the perfect teacher. The golden rays of the rising sun, the gilding of monsoonal clouds, a moon drowning in the river; light filtering through a forest. A photograph might capture that reality, but who can evoke its essence but an artist?

Madhuri’s landscapes are impressionistic, if one is forced to give them an identity. Much more than that, they are her response to the sky and earth and everything in between, a language of relationships and color imbued with a range of emotions that change by the hour, almost as though the light in them changes with the passing day and encroaching night. Her fascination with the arboreal runs deep. In these secluded inhabitations, her muse - like her spirit - soars free.

                                                              Written by: Mr. Kishore Singh – Art writer, Curator & Editor

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  • Sea Scapes 36×60 1

    Fine Art

    36 x 60 Inches

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