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The Tale of Two Cities

Poetically capturing the daily life of Kolkata and the Ghats of Benares, Dilip Chaudhry is renowned for his unique take on these cities. In his portraits, he captures the life of these cities – the people, the movements, the skies, pulsating with action. He has seen these cities reinvent themselves time and again, without losing out on their original essence and character and, so, when he paints them onto a canvas, he does not depict flat, architectural depictions of the cities, but their very essence.

The fine use of balance between light and shade in his works, and a strong perspective execute truly riveting canvases which are infused with life and each carries a unique story. In his depiction of the city of Kolkata, Dilip blends in its monsoons, abundant populace, the rickshaw pullers, and heritage structures to show the city its well-endowed glory. The hand-pulled rickshaw of Kolkata is one of the oldest modes of transport in the city, and Dilip attempts at recreating the daily struggles of these rickshaw pullers through his works.

“All the hand driven rickshaw pullers are people migrated from the neighbouring state of Bihar, and it is the story of their struggle and I also love the geometrical form of a hand driven rickshaw.”

Dilip feels that the character of these rickshaw pullers – their attire, accessories, and their movements, makes it a work of art in itself and this immensely inspires him and his works.

Make sure you are present at the 8th floor of The Collective, UB City to experience the poetic narratives of the two historic cities by this artist.

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