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Objects of Shared Experience

Opening Night: 5th Jul, 2019 (6 PM - 1 AM)

Exhibition Dates: 5th Jun - 21st Aug, 2019

Venue: Sublime Galleria, UB City, 8th floor, Sky Bridge

‘Objects of Shared Experience’ is a collection of paintings inspired from  experiences that are cross pollinations of perception, concepts of self and  memory.

The tranquil peace of Sabarmati Ashram; delicate layers of age and history settled  on to heirlooms; the vivid primordial impulse to blend with nature, this collection  prompts the viewer to be visually attentive, to be open to evocative experiences  and to be inquisitive. Even when the works don’t attempt to approximate the real  world, they trigger deep emotional links to shared experiences in the viewer. It is  an attempt to push the boundaries of human experience, into unexplored  realms.

Common threads of distinctive brushwork and intuitive colour run through the  works in this collection, unearthing stories from both the artist’s life and your  imagination.

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