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Colorful Thoughts

At an impressionable age of three, Sachind used his imagination to draw fishes and thus began his artistic journey. At the age of nine he drew a cockerel for a school assignment and he was reprimanded by his teacher because she was sure he had traced it. Being a lover of animals he used water colors to bring out the beauty of their creation.

Vehicle body styling and product designing fascinated his teen years. Unaided by any formal training,Sachind worked alone at his skill. His perfectionist nature, with an eye for detail, keeps him working on every dot and line of his artwork. His inherent interest in art and design caused him to also pursue graphic design and civil architecture. He designed the home of his parents, friends and also the home he now resides in.

After his golden jubilee, he zealously immersed himself into using acrylic on mount boar, canvas and glass. He currently manages Kivnon Art & Designs. His passionate work can be categorized under the following themes: sharp focus realism, surrealism, cubism and abstract.

Sachind believes that being true and pursuing excellence is the pathway of perfection.

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