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Rhythm, a Collection by A.V. ILANGO

Exhibition Dates: 8th - 30th Jan '16

Venue: Sublime Galleria, 8th Floor, Sky Bridge, UB City, Bangalore

Sublime Galleria, is happy to showcase acclaimed self-taught artist A.V. Ilango’s latest collection – Rhythm 2016, this New Year. Ilango made his debut in 1973 soon after completing his Masters in Mathematics at the Bangalore University and inspired by his childhood memories, set off with a colourful palette to make a name for himself in the world of Art. Today, several years later his artworks have been showcased at both National as well as International platforms.

Having spent his early years in Gobichettipalayam, a market town in the hinterland of Tamil Nadu, Ilango’s collection is an inspiration of that period. From the agricultural activities and trade, to religious celebrations including the harvest, fairs and festivals, the resounding folk songs, music and dance have been relived by the artist on his canvas. He spectacularly captures the movements of the musicians and dancers, clad in ochre dhotis, tuned to the drumbeat and tinkling ankle bells meant to enliven the crowd with leaps and swirls in ecstasy.

Over the last decade, Ilango’s palette has mellowed, and the decorative elements disappeared. Minimalist compositions have been etched into the sublime harmony of black and white positive & negative spaces and form. The artist opines that his way of conceptualizing, as a mathematician, has contributed a lot to his artistic research. Besides human figure, the artist has also been studying for the past few years, the most familiar animals of India. According to him, cows and bulls form the very idiom of primitive, folk and classical arts of India. A part of this exhibit, the series Bull and Beyond evokes meditative poses of the bovine creatures rendered in earthy hues.

Rhythm 2016 will be the Art Gallery’s first show this New Year and will remain on until the end of this month. Come over and experience this self-taught artist’s Ink & Charcoal on Canvas/Paper series.

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