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Elite Strokes

M.R. Deshmukh, a prolific painter from the heart of the beautiful Sahyadri Mountains, has been known for his unique approach towards countryside paintings. His showcase, ‘Elite Strokes’, is a collection of paintings which capture natural beauty and human interactions in their essence. The exhibition will be showcased at two venues – The Taj West End’s Art Corridor on the 9th December, 2016, and at Sublime Galleria on the 16th December, 2016. The event expects to see most of the art aficionados from Bengaluru, given that both Taj West End and Sublime Galleria are strong Patrons of Art in the city.

He narrates, that it was his inquisitive artist-soul that fetched him to an art school in Kolhapur, a place which served as a source of great inspiration for him, as it did for many other artists. This is where he developed his fascination towards the effect of light on the views around him. He later found a home in this place, which sowed the seed for some of his greatest creations.

He has always found inspiration in nature and his mentors like Sadwelkar, Ravidra Mestry, Satawelkar, Raza, Langhamer, and Dhond, however he refuses to settle into a particular style and believes in exploring and expanding his own style of art. His works reject the traditional approach, and he uses liquefied forms, along with his signature style of bold, short strokes and strong colours to capture the fleeting essence of nature, while also leaving some room for abstraction.

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