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Eternal Spring

Milind Nayak is one of India’s finest artists whose proficiency spans across the mediums of oils, watercolours, pastels, and graphite. Serving as a banker earlier in his life, Milind today has his artworks adorning homes of collectors, and corporates, across the world. He has held over thirty five solo shows, including three shows in the USA, and has participated in group shows in France, London, and Singapore. Over the past fifteen years, he has established himself in the country, and abroad, through his artworks which appeal to the masses for their alive, intense, and volatile structure.

His current showcase of artworks, Eternal Spring, revolves around the beautiful, mystifying world of tress; their colours and textures dabbed in strong abstract strokes of oil and acrylic on wooden board. This series sees him disregard his existing styles and venture into something new. He extends his language of perception and lets go of all inhibitions by conceiving onto the canvas, these sceneries through the eyes of his 10 year old self.

His works, in general, have been known to hold a sense of raw and impulsive creative release, and carry a lyrical tone to them with the colours flowing naturally across the canvases of his choice.

So book the dates and be there for the vibrant exhibit by this renowned artist on the 10th of March, 2017, only at Sublime Galleria.

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