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The World Through My Eyes

A photographer and artist, Ranga Vinay Voona hails from an Aerospace background. The talented, self-taught photographer finds his inspiration in nature, wildlife and landscapes. He is known for the exquisite recreations of his photographs through photographic processes and eclectic editing, creating pieces which resemble oil on canvas paintings.

Other than nature and its elements, Vinay Voona also indulges in abstract and product-based photography and has held photo-shoots during International Auto Shows. His artworks have been displayed in various exhibitions around the world, and he has received “Special Recognition” for his work in 2011.

His current showcase of “The World Through My Eyes” revolves around his perception and imagination of the world around him, where he tries to capture his surroundings in their natural beauty. These artworks represent the memoirs of his travels, cherished outings in nature and the life around him.

So book the dates and be there to witness the exquisite exhibit by this artist on the 7th of April, 2017, only at Sublime Galleria.

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