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A Structural Saga

Vyuha has its roots in Sanskrit which means formation. A formation is the key to artistic execution; it is the artist who renders these formations and the audience who interprets its meaning. The inspiration for both the artists came from travel and they painted their meaning directly derived from their experiences. In this series of the exhibition, we see a parallel between an almost picturesque rendering of architectural nuances that artist Vijay M Dhore encountered on his travel alongside the surreal depiction of the everyday commute by artist D. Tiroumale.

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Vijay M Dhore

His uniqueness lies in the desire to capture and immortalise the authenticity of an era and its beauty. He maintains the texture of his style, but also ensures that the raw charisma of ancient architecture remains intact in his works. He believes in refraining from giving a whole new contemporary look to old structures. He plays by “Old is Gold”.

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D Tiroumale

Tiroumale D hails from Puducherry. His art work depicts compatibility of ‘surrealism’ with his inner mind which has gradually evolved and transpired into an emotional surrealistic expression. Taking further inspiration from the legendary Salvador Dali, his work focuses on subconscious and symbolic imagery of profound surrealist nature.

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