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By test tset | March 12, 2018

One of the reasons Bangalore has attracted people from across the country and internationally to put their roots down here, is mostly because of two things, one is because it is the hub for digital revolution since the millennium and the other its history as the Garden City. It is a place where we get to see the change in seasons in the way everyday life is led and also through its green spaces. This shift in weather during the month of March in Bangalore makes way for the spring- summer blooms of colourful gulmoher and tree of gold, which dot the city with flecks of red and yellow. Summers here usually unfold with an array of activities all around. Markets burst with varieties of mangoes, children play on the street, trees are filled with flowers, sugarcane and coconut vendors are out to quench a thirst or two. The beauty in all of this peaks and says hello, amongst all the dug up roads and jam packed traffic of an ever evolving city. As we sit in a cab, sip our coconut water, take a walk or cycle around, it’s hard to miss the beautiful blossoms of March splendour in Bangalore. It’s inspiring for an artist, four of whom here, have created picturesque water colour pieces celebrating Bangalore’s spring – summer in March!

Shankar Lohar

Shankar captures the essence of the urbane spaces of the city in his works. His colour palette for this series, are bright like the summer. He captures the hustle and bustle of summer in few of the favourite hang- out spots in the city. He breaks the conventional use of the medium. His exploration is fresh and is an ode to the modern fast paced city that is Bangalore.

Sundar Murthy

Sundar is master artist with this medium. His ideas flow seamlessly with water colours. He reinvents himself with every show and he has surpassed himself with Grishma. He captures the stunning skies and mundane lives both with equal chutzpah. There is always a focus point in his work that captures the attention of any audience. His monochrome explorations are beautiful.


Madhusudan has truly engaged with the concept and has painted the greens and the blooms in his work expertly. Watercolours are his favourite medium and he loves to work with interesting concepts. In Grishma he has explored the most common things in and around us and he has made it a thing of beauty. He uses negative space to aid his compositions skilfully.

Jayant Hubli

Jayant has created works that show us the natural wild side of Bangalore. He paints the forgotten buildings and hidden trees. His use of the medium is free and he lets his spirit for creating lead his way. He has experimented with perspective and has painted the rural, raw parts of Bangalore. It creates a warm glow within.

Artists really explored the concept proficiently and seemed to have enjoyed the process of creating beautiful works of art in water colour!


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