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By test tset | July 1, 2018

Synonyms of Innocence by Artist G Subramanian is the newest show here at Sublime Galleria. Archetypal of his works, exploration of form through mixed media is the focus of this show.

Each of the works in this show seem to be very unconsciously connected making them a beautiful series to view. The subjects in this show range from tiny festive girls to gods and goddesses.

His style embodies peace and harmony. The form itself although repetitive, are unique and individualistic.

The artworks that have mythology as the central theme have a childlike demeanour. You get to interact with the children within these characters that he portrays in his artworks. There is a certain fluidity that is characteristic of each form in his artworks. Their subtle, coy way of emoting, strikes a chord with a viewer. He manages to get the forms to interact with each other while engaging with the audiences at the same time.

There are certain elements that pop in each artwork to say hello to the viewer. It seems to be personal for the artist and repeating these elements almost seem to give him comfort and joy. It’s familiar, friendly and approachable. Almost like a chum!

The parrot makes its way into quite a few of the works. It calmly perches itself on the shoulder. Guiding and keeping the character funny. It brings a certain playfulness into the artworks.

The mood in certain pieces are festive and joyful. There are instruments that bring music and movement. Each piece although individualistic, have a cohesiveness that brings the entire series together. The forms in his artworks seem to look deep within the viewer’s soul through those big beautiful eyes and sometimes look away almost shyly.

His works are a beautiful amalgamation of subject and technique. He quite expertly uses the medium of collage and line drawing fused with acrylic paints to create artworks that depict innocence. In this series, the artist uses pieces of paper from books, newspaper and magazines and they are not a typical collage where one tears the paper and sticks them without the intent shining through. His collages are purposeful and support the subject he is working with. For example, the art work Buddha has birds flying, symbolic to freedom and letting go. Viewing the piece makes the audience feel truly positive.

In Krishna - Red, the dhoti has portions of a picture of the universe with planets revolving, thus keeping it closer to stories attached with the Hindu God Krishna.

The aesthetic value the medium adds is complimenting to the subject and intent of the artist.

A lot of his artworks are of young girls which are in a way a depiction of his daughter who he lost to cancer. It is as though the time stands still in his artworks amongst the many changes happening in the physical world, thus creating a paradox which is deep, mystical and innocent. His daughter, Surya meaning sun shines on through his art!

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