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A Festive AffairBack to Blog

By Sublime Author | April 4, 2019

Colours have the unique ability to ignite in us a range of emotions, some that we may not even have known exist within us. In India, we even have a festival dedicated to colours. Such is the impact that it has had on an entire population. ‘A Festive Affair’ is a little festival in itself, which celebrates the colour palette used in the intricate paintings of six artists: DM Pradeep, Kanthraj N, Lingaraju MS, MS Sundar Murthy, Manjunath Wali and Vikrant Shitole.

Each artist’s use of colours in their works is different and depicts emotions that could be seen from not just the point of view of the artist, but also that of the subject in the artwork and the individual audience. This would mean that even though the artist decides what takes centre stage in his paintings, the viewer is the better judge of the same for himself/herself.

Below is a small introduction to each artist.

1. Mr. DM Pradeep

The artist will mostly be showcasing his mixed media works, which he has become known for.

2. Mr. Kanthraj N

The artist, who is known for being bold with his colours, creates a mysterious atmosphere in his paintings. To him, the beautiful colours of nature control the rhythm of his life.

3. Mr. Lingaraju MS

The artist, known for creating abstracts of daily objects, portrays the concept of broken time through his artworks.

4. Mr. MS Sundar Murthy

Mr. Murthy is always reinventing himself. His works are a wonderful depiction of the diverse culture and lifestyles of India through landscapes, portraits and cityscapes.

5. Mr. Manjunath Wali

This Bangalore-based artist is known for creating a sense of nostalgia through his figurative and surreal works. One will always find his love for the architecture of the good ol’ days in his paintings. Its mystery and charm has inspired him to create works that celebrate his memories.

6. Mr. Vikrant Shitole

Known for his watercolours, this graduate of fine arts from L. S. Raheja School of Art, uses colours in a comparatively subtle manner, successfully drawing the attention of his viewers into his artworks.


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