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B S Desai

B.S. Desai’s vibrant and soulful oils and acrylics on canvas communicate the transcendent qualities of nature and yoga through the language of form and colour. Interested in the parallels between nature, art and life, Desai likens the universe’s ‘indefinite’ state of change through the eternal cycles of birth and death to art and the human experience. His works have an ephemeral quality to them, with a palpable sense of movement, growth and change apparent in each canvas.

Art critic H.A. Anil Kumar describes Desai’s works as an “attempt to capture our notion about infinity with finite apparatus - the painterliness. In due process what he addresses is in itself the result.”

B.S. Desai lives in Hassan, Karnataka where he teaches art at a pre-university level. His works are in private collections across India, England, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, UAE, Austria and Muscat.

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