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Colours of Joy

With current scenario of the Pandemic, it is our responsibility to create a conducive environment for Children. Thus, Sublime dedicates November month entirely to encourage and celebrate childhood through Art. We need to encourage children to bring out their imagination and unfold, their beautiful thoughts, thus let us illustrate the innocence, the creativity, simplicity to create intangible moments through Art. As we all know November children’s day and the festival of lights is coinciding on the same day… Sublime Art Galleria will be dedicating the month November 13th to 30th to Art For Cause.. We have two child prodigy Artists : Master Virat Karan (6yrs) & Miss Chanvitha Sundari (1yr and 6 months) These two siblings are so gifted! Sublime is proud to introduce them

Master Virat Karan

Born on 29th May 2014, Master Virat started painting at the age of 6 months, it all started when his parents found him crawling and painting the balcony walls, with leftover paint, his parent did not take him seriously only till Virat started reworking on same design. He uses three elements in his paintings, insects, leaves, spices , sand, paper cloth etc. to get texture, he uses his figures, his foot, brushes

Little Miss Chanvitha Sundari

Chanvitha, Master Virat’s sister, started paintings from 3 months, Master Virat was one who initiated his little sister to paint, she paints aggressively and has a good sense of color combination, prefer to work majority with acrylic and most of her work are three dimensional.

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