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By Sublime Galleria | January 6, 2018

Echoes and Silence is a series of works by Artist Lovina, who has explored abstraction of her works which is inspired by her spiritual outlook to life.

Sun Kissed Blue

The art work seems to be inspired by the movement and colours of an oriental art work. The bright yellow and orange juxtaposed with different shades of blue in the art work brings about a divergent landscape. It looks like a beautiful sunset that’s set as a backdrop to beautiful mountains and a field full of bright red poppies tare peeking through the greens of the field. The water seems to be deep and gushing. Together they make a serene landscape.

Effervescence of a Nightfall

The forest thick with trees and layered like marble, this art work keeps the viewer engaged in its foraging landscape. It reminds one of a beautiful and white ice capped mountains like the Andes or our very own Himalayan range. It looks like a valley with an abundance of coniferous tress flanked by mountains both in their foreground and background. The colours palette is harmonious. Some parts look like frozen icicles and some look like smooth snow.

Reflections of the Innocent Past 

Artist here explores a more traditional way of painting a landscape. The artwork is well composed. The perspective shows a large area from the mountains in the distance to the marshy grass and water in the foreground. The reflection of the sky looks lovely in the water. The bright blue of the sky compliments the warm swampy brown of the bud and grass. It feels like a windy day when it’s about to rain. It’s almost like one can smell the damp moisture in the blades of grass and the thick bushes.

O’nami The Great Wave

The art work is a good abstraction of the waves of the enormous wave threatening boats off the coast of the town of Kanagawa in Katsushika Hokusai s representation of The Great Wave. This wave was sometimes assumed to be a tsunami or a wave that was more likely to be a large rogue wave. Onami was a great wrestler who with the help of a Zen master was able to win over his anxiety of fighting in front of big crowds. This is because Onami means the Great wave of Kanagawa. Here the artist has captured the great wave using a harmonious palette of blues.

Promises and Lies

The art work is intricately done. It looks like two mountains juxtaposed to create their unison. The artist draws inspiration from the yin and yang here. The true and simple meaning of balance in a spiritual sense is captured here wonderfully. The artist is successful in accomplishing the delicate nuances of the representation of yin and yang in its fullest sense.

Melting Seas

The title of this art is aptly suggestive of the theme of this artwork. It looks like a topographic view of the seas meeting together. The natural blending of the colours is a result of the technique used by the artist to create this piece. The land mass seems to be melting into the seas. The merging of colours makes this artwork a beautiful one to be engaged with as a viewer.

Chasing the lights

The northern lights are a fabulous phenomenon of our known world. The artist seems to have drawn the inspiration from this wonder created by nature. The material and the technique used, gives it its glossy shine and the gorgeous blend of colours. The colours in this artwork seem to be flowing. Some of the colours in the art has movement and creates a landscape of a beach with mountains as a silhouette in the background with an intense mix of colours as a sky.

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