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"Art Enlightens your Spirit to Accelerates your Mind and Soul with Positivity"

We at sublime bring in 2021 believing change is absolute, everything resolves!!!!
Art helps your mind in cognition to fill you with positive thoughts only to move ahead for new beginings,therefore to resume with optimisim.

Mr. Gireesen Bhattathiripad

A disciple of artist ganapathy peringode of kerala, he has mastery in abstract paintings based on nature nursing different textures and techniques.

He has been influenced by the paintings of the temple walls of kerala from his childhood. gireesan bhattathiripad started thinking more in terms of colours then forms. His tendency is to move away from figuration is more personal & aesthetic then what is often believed to be. it is kind of abstract concept of his own self that ignites him to get more involved in the colour, patterns than figural experiments. He keeps a kind of spirituality of colours which is lyrical as well as aggressive. Today, he has more than a decade into becoming a full-fledged artist and conducts exhibitions across the state.

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