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Art:India Abstract and Conceptual Art

The collection amalgamates the works of 6 abstract artists from around India featuring promising upcoming artists as well as established senior ones. Each of the artists has drawn inspiration from a series of themes in nature and society.

V. Hariraam

V. Hariraam is an accomplished abstractionist who pursues pure non-representational forms in his paintings. His artistic trajectory determined his visual language of abstraction in a remarkable suite of works titled “Enigmatic Staging of Indistinct Forms”. Hariraam, who initiated his forays into the world of art through landscapes and human imagery, evolved his vocabulary and language progressively until he arrived at his abstraction in 1999. The intensity of purpose and dedicated mission of persistent artistic quest for a visual language of pure abstraction found success and fulfillment in this recent suite of works.

Mini Giri

Mini Giri, a self- taught artist has been putting brush to canvas for as long as she can remember. As an artist and educator, she has merged both professions to create and make art come alive with art appreciation workshops in painting and photography. Her work is a fusion of tribal and folk art, especially patterns, lines and dots that eventually begin to tell a story and take on a life of their own. Mini’s energy and passion for painting is a visual celebration, a contrast of stark geometric lines that come alive in a brilliant palette of colours weaving stories that draw you deeper and deeper into the canvas.

Amrish Malvankar

Amrish, an architect by profession and a graduate of the prestigious Sir JJ School of Architecture, Mumbai, has a keen eye for detail and his paintings are a natural extension of his creativity. He likes to experiment with different mediums like water colour, ink, oil, sketch and acrylic, etc. He often uses bold colours and textures in his muse and believes that every painting connects with you through your own personal reflections. He likes his audience to enjoy the pure visual treat of colour combinations to celebrate different shades of life.

Mohan Singh

Mohan Singh is one of the well-known artists for Semi-Abstract styles in Mumbai. According to him, Painting is like meditation, his path to self-discovery and his day is never complete if he doesn’t paint. Singh brings the abstract world to life through his powerful brush stroke. He creates an atmosphere that oscillates amongst meditative and exuberant. The lines are almost invisible, relying only on the colours to separate the components of the image.

Sachin Deo

Sachin Deo’s art journey is a voyage of self-discovery to give form to the formless and expression to the inexpressible. In the process, he explores the causal relationship between the observer, observed and the act of observation itself as a thought wave in time. In the new series, Sachin skilfully weaves a rich tapestry of symbolic forms out of rice paper, coloured thread, silver foil and even digital prints on different layers of thin cotton cloth to conjure up his sublime collages. They capture the essence of existential bliss of floating on the mind stream from being to becoming.

Srushti Rao

Srushti’s paintings are a reflection of topics and subjects that touches her heart. It can be a figure, an idea, an object, an imagination or just a hope for a better world. She has been a part of a number of groups and solo exhibitions on both national and international levels.

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