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The Chosen Labyrinth

Exhibition Dates: 6th - 21st Nov '15

Venue: Sublime Galleria, 8th Floor, Sky Bridge, UB City, Bangalore

UB City is proud to present another chapter from the Gallery in the Sky – Sublime Galleria, titled ‘The Chosen Labyrinth’, a Collection by Sangeeta Singh.

Gurgaon-based artist, Sangeeta Singh’s Collection of artworks is a tribute to the hardworking migrant class – the rickshaw-pullers and also represents her own journey.

One could say that in these paintings, the artist reduces the cityscape or landscape around her to the minimum and maximizes the presence of her own fragmented identity, where she herself turns into the landscape within or against which the rickshaw pullers work.

A recipient of several awards including the Ministry of Culture fellowship, Sangeeta’s work has been exhibited in nearly 60 different shows to-date.

Her work is truly surreal in effect. So, come and experience art that epitomizes the hardworking migrant!

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