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“The body of work has been sculpted around my efforts to strive for positivity and verve to break away from gravity. It’s a feeling of escalation, of freedom from any other energy that pulls downward. A determination to find my path through my art, I reached a conclusion that if I think “up”, my thought and the occurrences in my life and my ideas will elevate. Growth and Change are imperative, and the only way to move is – Skyward…”

Pragya’s belief in hope, even in the most down situations is basically what has been reflected on her canvasses. Fascinated by the sentiment of rising, the body of work consists of her classic subjects – Ballerina and Horses. Along with these you will find fish rising upward as well as birds, balloons, elephants and people!

Fragmenting of the canvas is the most fascinating part of her process, and the colour story follows. Geometry being one of the key elements of Pragya’s art, her conclusion to a painting comes when the viewer is disabled from focusing only on one point. It is a burst of colour, form and dimensions. Skyward – the collection was a pleasurable to create. Working with elements that could defy gravity, turning the arrows up and making everything optimistic!

Pragya’s label – ‘ARTychoke’ will also be a part of the show with a limited edition of silk scarves for women and pocket squares for men. These are inspired by the core 8 paintings in the show. From hot air balloons to horses, printed onto the finest silk to make her collection even more luxurious. Not everyone comes to an art show to buy art. They come for the pure pleasure of enjoying art. Hence the artist started her label where she prints fragments of her art on fashion and home accessories. This way the art lovers get to acquire something artistic that is affordable and valuable at the same time!

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