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Retrospective of Berserk

Exhibition Dates: 12th Apr - 10th May 2014

Venue: Sublime Galleria, 8th Floor, Sky Bridge, UB City, Bangalore

Retrospective of Berserk celebrates children. Created around the concept known as the ‘beginner’s mind’, something that could be attributed to an attitude of openness, eagerness and lack of preconceptions, the exhibition exemplified a ‘beginner’s mind’s creative abilities.

Children have the freedom to be creative, imaginative and innovative – abilities that often diminish along the way. Sublime believes that by encouraging them, supporting them and mentoring them to pursue their passion and push their boundaries, they would be helping a new breed of innovative thinkers become more prepared to solve future challenges of our world.

In going about this task, they conceptualized a unique innovation titled Berserk! A platform targeted at children, artistically inclined to pursue their passion in art.

Today’s creative young adult have a multitude of careers to choose from. Keeping this in mind, the first edition, conducted last year included classes in Photography, Graphics, Film Making and Web Design. The children were assigned tasks to work individually as well as in groups, on different surfaces, both outdoors and indoors. They would work on small sheets of paper and large canvases and sculptures to get a complete feel of the artistic experience. In addition to this, they were shown demo’s by master artists, firing their imagination. This exhibition was a labour of love by the children and their artistic journey through Berserk. The exhibit was held between 11th April and 10th May ’14, at the Sublime Galleria, 8th Floor, Sky Bridge at UB City, Bangalore. The images of the artwork can be viewed, by clicking on the Artists tab. Enjoy this surrealistic experience which is bound to lift your spirits!

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