Sublime Galleria

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Exhibition Dates: 14th Dec '13 - 12th Jan '14

Venue: Sublime Galleria, 8th Floor, Sky Bridge, UB City, Bangalore

Anything and everything inspires the artist in Thota Tharrani. Like art, music too has been very dear to him from the start of his career. Just as a musician’s fingers move while playing an instrument, Mr. Tharrani’s fingers instantly move while listening to it, only the surface differs.

In his younger days his entire family would gather around while his daughter would randomly pick out something from his western music collection and then ask him to paint while the music was playing in the background.

A Symphony is defined in musical terms as “an extended musical composition”. For Tharrani it is an extension of music on to canvas. The joy of listening to music helps him create vivid and colourful works which are soothing to the eyes, while the music itself is balm to the ears. In this collection, the combination and involvement of the two senses is beautifully reflected in works of art that create their own music in an almost synesthetic manner.

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