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The Voyage

“It’s not just art, its history!”, says Sonu Mulchandani whose latest endeavour ‘The Voyage’, a tribute to all the map makers between the 14th and 18th Century, was an adaptation of their work with a modern twist.

THE VOYAGE was an amalgamation of the works of geographers (from Claudius Ptolemaeus, 90-168 AD to George Washington, 1731-1799 AD), great explorers (from Afonso De Albuquerque, 1453-1515 AD to Willem Cornelisz Chouten, 1567-1625 AD) & all the royalties who supported these discoveries. The collection included the reproduction of antique maps from the 14th to 18th Century, scale models of historical ships and memorabilia reminding us of the bygone eras.

Despite the downpour on the Opening day, this innovative and educative art display saw a good turnout. The dance performed at the launch added yet another dimension to the visual depiction of our history.

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