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Hues of Fantasy

Hues of Fantasy – A Collection by Sujata Sah Sejekan, was a solo exhibition that featured the artist’s core values in colour, concept and thought.

Though unique, this collection of 30 paintings was interwoven by a feminine theme. Sejekan believes in the beauty of the female mind and each painting brought out the purity and evolution of the woman. The colours were rich and vibrant, and posed as a testimony to the colours of her fantasies. Her works portrayed nature, emotions, beauty, love and harmony.

To Sujata Sah Sejekan, her latest show, Hues of Fantasy was a celebration of colour and life. It was the coming together of mystical art and divine femininity. The opening day of the exhibition saw a huge turnout and her paintings were so appreciated that a few found their place in the homes of art enthusiasts the very same day.

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