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Coming home to eARTh – Space. Line. Form

About the Book:
While art is widely understood as a form of creative expression and communication, in much of traditional Eastern thought, it is also seen as a mode of transcendental experience. Through this book, we invite readers to not only engage with the expressive nature of the arts, but also become aware of its transcendental nature and to see it as a path towards deep reflection, as yoga. To this end, the book looks at four critical areas of thinking: Artistic Inquiry. Ecological Consciousness. Finding our True Centre and Creative Practice

Artistic practice and philosophy form an essential whole. Each artist arrives at his or her own philosophical state of being through their journey in art. Sometimes they are driven by the richness of art, at other times by the textures of philosophy. Reflecting at the juncture of philosophy and artistic practice within the frames of our modern context is challenging. In this book, we offer a framework that blends both and sets a base for artistic inquiry into life and self.

About the Authors:
A.V. Ilango
A self-taught artist, A.V. Ilango made his debut in 1973 on completing his Masters in Mathematics at the Bangalore University. With several national and international shows to his credit, he has worked with several concepts over the years that bring together the philosophical and divine, with the tangible and mundane through his Bull series, Chennai series, Utsav series and others.

The artist opines that his way of conceptualizing, as a mathematician, has contributed a lot to his artistic research. He values the linear quality in his oeuvre, and the development of a concept and the motif.

Besides human figure, the artist has been studying for the past few years, the most familiar animals of the Indians. According to him, cows and bulls form the very idiom of primitive, folk and classical arts of India. The Indian species which inspire him are not robust, forming an angular structure. The horns are highlighted. Alone or in herd, they are seen everywhere, along the countryside as well as in the metropolis. This series Bull and Beyond evoke meditative poses of bovine creatures rendered in earthy hues.

Now Ilango goes beyond the bull which is the mascot of Lord Shiva, called Nandhi. In Hindu philosophy, the bull symbolizes the human prowess. In everyday life, it is used as a beast of burden and for transport, sport, manure, hide, meat and milk. Many sketches and paintings bring out the subtle harmony in these compositions.

Srivi Kalyan
Srivi Kalyan works at the fluid and exciting intersection of arts, media, education, design and self-reflection. She is the Founder-Director of Fooniferse Arts Pvt.Ltd. She currently is Consulting Faculty with Srishti School of Arts, Design and Technology, Bangalore.

Art and Education have both been an inseparable passion for her and in art-education, she found- a way to integrate the two.

Srivi believes in working closely with young people, making their creative nature visible to them through the processes of art making, listening to each other, and closely observing their connection to nature. To her, education is about nurturing holistic people.

She has authored and illustrated several children’s books as well as stories for adults and is an award winning writer and illustrator. She has worked for some of the leading educational/edutainment organizations like Sesame Street, NCERT, idiscoveri, Katha, Tulika, Birla Edutech, Ilango’s Art space, designing cutting-edge books and media for children and young people on one end, and workshops, curriculum, teacher training modules, interdisciplinary strengthening, design and delivery of curriculums on the other. Her work through the creation of educational media reaches millions of children across India through reprints of textbooks, and creative products.

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