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Luxury makes many statements – power, status, history, originality, sophistication & collectibles. With a heritage of over 30 years, Rose stands for the true essence of luxury possession signifying status, power & royalty. Be mesmerized by a selection of the rarest and most exquisite jewellery crafted with Diamonds, Tanzanite’s and Rare Colombian Emeralds by master craftsman, Biren Vaidya only at Sublime Galleria.

Biren Vaidya – MD & Creative Soul, The Rose Group
An entrepreneur, an innovator, a dreamer, a thinker & an expert in every avenue that he has interested himself in, Biren Vaidya is a name synonymous with creativity, artistry, luxury & lifestyle.

Biren Vaidya spearheads an organisation which in India is considered the purveyors of jewellery, watches & lifestyle accessories that range from fashion to luxury.

A Business Graduate, Mr. Vaidya joined the family business of herbal pharmaceuticals in 1982. His early credits & success being the restructuring of the company from being a manufacturing set-up to becoming a marketing & brand led organisation with patented herbal formulations leading to him being inducted as the sitting member in the company Board for this significant contribution.

Mr. Vaidya, for as long as he can remember, has always had a creative streak in him and he expressed this creativity by sketching and drawing. Inevitably, designing followed. What started as a hobby, designing clothes and trinkets for him and his friends, gave birth to bigger things.

In 1984, Mr. Vaidya joined The Rose International, a company that specialises in manufacturing handmade jewellery. Starting as an artisan, he soon learnt the ropes of manufacturing & became the highest paid artisan for the company. Within two years he set a firm foot in the business by coming on board as a partner in the company. Since then, he has been taking giant strides in the business of haute jewellery.

A business maverick & game changer, he introduced some pioneering concepts in the jewellery industry and was instrumental in changing the face of the traditional and unorganised jewellery with the launch of The Rose Collection, the first ever jewellery brand to be launched in the country.

Mr. Vaidya’s professionalism has been recognised by his contemporaries on several occasions. In 1998-1999 he was appointed Co-Convenor of the Exhibition Committee of the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India. His contribution to the committee & council was rewarded by him being appointed the Convenor of the same committee in the year 2000-2001.

In 1999 he was invited by EganaGoldpfeil to restructure their operations in India, thus forging a successful partnership to establish Egana India Pvt. Ltd. As the Managing Director of the company he used his marketing blitzkrieg to establish the country’s first Fashion Timewear brand – Esprit and also a brand new category called Fashion Timewear to the Indian Watch Industry.

Mr. Vaidya was officially bestowed by Esprit, the Title of the Official Brand Guardian for Esprit, for his contribution which is indeed a special story, with India being the only country in the world where Esprit is known as a fashion watch brand, as opposed to being known the world-over as a maker of fashion garments.

His creative passions, the astute understanding of luxury as a segment and the innovations in marketing & customer experience led him to spearhead & create Rose as India’s leading luxury brand in Jewellery with International recognition.

A prominent face in the growing Indian Lifestyle and Luxury landscape, Mr. Vaidya is leading the prolific change with his persistence and vision, he has steadily walked to the pole position in establishing Rose Group of Companies as one of the leading organisations in the business of jewellery and watches. From fashion to luxury he has built a brand portfolio of over 25 leading international brands being marketed, distributed & retailed by the Group today.

Purnima Sheth – Founder & Sr. Director Sales (Luxury)
One of the founding members of the Rose Group, Mrs. Sheth has been the pillar of strength to the Group and to her brother & MD, Bee Vee.

With over 30 years of experience across different aspects of the business, she utilizes her experience and knowledge to manage the core areas of International Sales & Marketing, Distribution & Business Development and also is the Sr. Director Sales for the Rose Brand.

The smiling face of PRS is synonymous with the welcoming allure of Rose and is the cornerstone of the luxury business. An astute business woman, Mrs. Purnima has gently guided the group with a soft yet firm grip through the last 3 decades.

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