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Coffee Art

Who said coffee is just for drinking? Bengaluru-based Dheeraj Gadicherla aka Distractor took the love of coffee to the next level and started using it as a medium to paint with. He used to paint as kid and re-kindled his passion for painting, after he quit his job in 2012.


Without any formal training ina rt, Dheeraj uses remarkable techniques to create his artworks. He explains light and shade, depth and dimension mark all his paintings. He first sketches in pencil which takes him three to four hours. And then he paints with coffee which takes about anothert three to four hours. And the coffee takes two days to dry. He then applies four layers of lacquer, and that takes about half a day to dry. Most of The Distractor’s coffee art work has been bought by customers abroad. Come to Sublime Galleria, to be awe-inspired by the artistic explorations of a coffee aficionado.

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