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By Sublime Author | February 9, 2019

At first glance, artist Madhuri Bhaduri’s work may seem like a glorious splash of happy colours. However, take a closer look and this perspective starts to change with the way she has used the colours on her canvas. The artist is known for a keen observation of light, a medium that, if used well, can appear to be harsh to playful to even seductive.

The relationship between light and colour is one that can be manipulated to create different emotions. When you look at Madhuri’s work, it seems to be quite simple to take in, considering the use of colours and the warmth it brings. But a closer look reveals an underlying sense of sadness that lies behind this surface of joy. Each colour, and the way it is used, brings about a flush of memories and hidden feelings that have brought us to where we are. This is seen in her paintings as ‘markers of time’.

In her works, one can also see the artist’s relationship with nature, and each element is given a unique identity and emotions that change with time. Be it the rising sun, monsoon clouds, or light  streaming into a forest, Madhuri’s works capture the essence and relationship with everything she sees around her.

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