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Luminous Decembre

Nature is a source of inspiration of Architectural Conceptual Design, Thus, we at Sublime are promoting Biophilic architecture with the help of Art. There are multiple infrastructure that must be taken into effect while designing Because of the current scenario it is obvious to build environment, social context which is interwoven due to intimate nature... Read More...

A Festive Affair

Colours have the unique ability to ignite in us a range of emotions, some that we may not even have known exist within us. In India, we even have a festival dedicated to colours. Such is the impact that it has had on an entire population. ‘A Festive Affair’ is a little festival in itself, which celebrates... Read More...

In A Remembered Land

At first glance, artist Madhuri Bhaduri’s work may seem like a glorious splash of happy colours. However, take a closer look and this perspective starts to change with the way she has used the colours on her canvas. The artist is known for a keen observation of light, a medium that, if used well, can appear to be... Read More...

Luminous Landscapes – Leh-Ladakh

Crystal waters complimenting the skies and stretches of sand cosying up to dollops of snow – Leh-Ladakh really does amount to a photographer’s paradise and Mr. Prathap DK is no exception. Assembling pixels to recreate the beauty that is Leh-Ladakh is not easy, but as the artist and author says, he was blessed to be... Read More...

Hues of Spikes

As a self-taught artist, Chetana Ravi has received the right guidance and ample support from her friends and family when it comes to her art. Not shying away from her unique thought process and the subjects for her paintings, the artist managed to bring together a myriad of cultures under one roof, co-existing peacefully, with... Read More...

Art in Review: Frida Kahlo (1907 - 1954)

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican painter in the early 20th century whose life and works have inspired millions. A fiercely independent and incredibly talented painter, Kahlo’s paintings were reflections of her life, loves, struggles and, most intimately, her identity. She is a proto-feminist icon and has paved the way for female artists to be regarded equally alongside their male... Read More...

Eternally Grateful

Gratitude isn’t very hard a concept to grasp. As children, we’re given a 360 degree education of it, with the hope that we will practice it as we grow and evolve into ‘responsible adults’. Still, while some individuals do practice being thankful, there’s others who lose their understanding of it. It’s safe to say that our first step... Read More...

More than Hands

There’s not much we do without our hands, but that doesn’t mean the lack of it would leave one completed disabled. Astha, a non-profit organization, has come out to prove just this with ‘More Than Hands’, an exhibition showcasing paintings by artists Manjibhai Ramani and Manoj Bhingare, both of whom lost both their hands in accidents. Both artists,... Read More...

Synonyms of Innocence

Synonyms of Innocence by Artist G Subramanian is the newest show here at Sublime Galleria. Archetypal of his works, exploration of form through mixed media is the focus of this show. Each of the works in this show seem to be very unconsciously connected making them a beautiful series to view. The subjects in this... Read More...

Birds as Art

M.N Jayakumar’s ongoing show at Sublime Galleria refreshes a viewer’s soul. He has expertly caught various birds and narrated them in a series of photographs. The compositions and the artistic quality rendered in picture is beautiful. Read on further to learn more about a few birds from this series. Dancing Peacock, Bandipur National Park The dancing peacock,... Read More...


Aleifyah Raja, believes that, to be an artist is the exquisite ability to use colours to express herself through her art. The colours in her work are a testimony and reflection of every change in mood and emotion. This fluidity that comes from the evolution of her emotions, is what fuels her creations. Each painting... Read More...

The Art of The Sheraton Grand Whitefield

The Sheraton Grand Art Collection has been curated by Sublime Galleria in a journey that has spanned two and a half years. The result is over 550 works of art by 6 of India’s most promising artists. From minimalist abstraction on rice paper to contemporarizations of 14th century Indo-Persian tomb murals, 4.5 metre textile installations to photo-realistic porcelain and... Read More...

Once Upon a Time

Badami caves found in Karnataka is a testimony to the brilliant works of artisans from the Chalukya period which reigned from 543 AD to 753 AD. The temples here are the typical rock cut architecture that is synonymous with this period. Its mystery, charming as it is, inspires all audiences alike and sure enough it... Read More...


One of the reasons Bangalore has attracted people from across the country and internationally to put their roots down here, is mostly because of two things, one is because it is the hub for digital revolution since the millennium and the other its history as the Garden City. It is a place where we get... Read More...

An Ode to Nature

"Nature always wears the colour of the spirit", Ralph Waldo Emerson. Artist Shirley Mathews captures these colours wonderfully in her latest series, “An Ode to Nature” Ode to Nature The painting reminds one of a tropical landscape, lush with greenery everywhere. The painting reminds the viewer of thick foliage with specks of orange bark. As... Read More...

Echoes & Silences

Echoes and Silence is a series of works by Artist Lovina, who has explored abstraction of her works which is inspired by her spiritual outlook to life. Sun Kissed Blue The art work seems to be inspired by the movement and colours of an oriental art work. The bright yellow and orange juxtaposed with different... Read More...

3 Rivers Meet

Akhilesh has a deep understanding of the visual language. His expression is complex whilst keeping his medium very simplistic. His work is relatable. His bold lines and patterns are reminiscent of cave paintings. There is a definitive influence of primal human expression. It’s raw, communicative and enthralling for a viewer. Desparate Green In this painting,... Read More...


Pragya Jain’s has a common theme to it made obvious by her lavish use of a digitised style consisting of replicating pixels used in digital media. Her work is largely abstract with colour tones that are well balanced to the eye. The pieces are largely embedded with a modern style. Her use of a familiar... Read More...

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