• Date

    15th Dec, 2023

  • Time

    11am – 8pm

  • Location

    Prestige Skytech First Floor, Financial District, Hyderabad, Telangana 500032

  • Artist

    Vijit Pillai

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Concept Note

“AMALGAMATION” is the latest addition to Vijit Pillai’s expansive artistic portfolio.
A collection of artworks created during the pandemic, the artworks signify a period in the Artist’s life
where he reflected on the past, observed the stagnation of the present and a growing fear of the future.
The fear stemmed from being bound to familiarity, one could easily sink into a state of artistic
quagmire. This prompted the artist on a quest to experiment with how one may move beyond it.
A result of this is Pillai’s foray into ‘Art Nouveau’, which he stumbled upon when he was commissioned
by a client and a friend. Myth and symbolism are central to this genre of art, based on images drawn
from folklore, romance and legend. Notable artists from this period include Gustav Klimt and Aubrey
Beasley, to name a few.
Pillai’s introspection and artistic experimentation find form in “AMALGAMATION” – from the poignant
portrayal of Shakespeare’s “Ophelia” to vibrant vistas of “Mysore Dara” and the artist’s imaginative reenvisioning of the Mughal court, these pieces cover a vast spectrum of subjects.
The collection is testament to Pillai’s virtuosity— across mediums, diverse subjects, and timelines. It
reflects not only his skill but also serves as a reflection of his artistic depth and versatility.
The artist takes you on a captivating journey across the realms of Creativity, History and Emotion.

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