Upcoming Artists

Nazia Rushdi
As a contemporary artist, Nazia Rushdi mostly likes to work on conceptual art.
Atreyee Bhattacharjee
An artist, Curator, Restorer, Editor, Creative writer and now a Research candidate.
Aparna Rajapandian
A self-taught artist whose works are figurative, mostly revolving around the female energy in all its forms- be it allusions to nature.
Self-taught artist. Amongst other subjects, her extensive work lies in painting indigenous people, their lifestyle and ceremonies.
An autodidact artist and has learnt digital painting all by herself.
Ashraf Khan Ghori
A curious, compassionate and courteous young Artist.
Benny Dsa
Benny Dsa is a visual artist with a contemporary style. She moved from being a Chartered Accountant to a professional artist in 2017 and created the brand “BJollyCreations” with the purpose of bringing happiness into peoples lives through her work.

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India’s first Sky Gallery, Sublime Galleria was founded to serve as a platform to support emerging as well as renowned artists.

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