Current Show

The Whimsical Menagerie

by Aparna Rajapandian

8th Nov - 21st Nov, 2022


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Current Show

The Whimsical Menagerie

By Aparna Rajapandian

Aparna Rajapandian is a science graduate who has worked with NGOs teaching children Science, English and Mathematics. She is a self-taught artist whose works are figurative, mostly revolving around the female energy in all its forms- be it allusions to nature, the feminine spirit or physicality. Every art work of hers includes a verbal expression describing the inspiration or the story of the piece. Her work has been on display at The Village Market (JW Marriot), The Night Market (Taj West End): Courtesy Swasti, The Contemporary Art Gallery. Her work has been on display at DYU Art Cafe. She has been featured in two international art magazines – Marvelous Art Gallery (online) and Art Magazineium (online/print) where she was also featured as their cover artist. She is also a published author/poet with Manda Publications and The Write Order. She is the illustrator of a children’s book “Percy Hears the Secret” published by Balboa Press, Hay House, US.

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he Whimsical Menagerie
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Aparna Rajapandian
The Whimsical Menagerie

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