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By Shweta Ektare
8th Sep to 8th Oct, 2023


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Current Show

Vibrant Encounters

by Shweta Ektare

The collection started subconsciously during the COVID time. I used to go on evening walks distancing myself from people but taking a more keen interest in nature. I started filling my photo album with more and more pictures of flowers, and trees around me and connecting them with my feelings, emotions, and experiences of those times. In the later years, I started traveling and found myself encountering a variety of vibrant flora and fauna. I believe that nature has the power to bring us back to the present moment, slow down, feel connected, and inspire us to savor the beauty around us. It makes us appreciate the fleeting nature of life. Though the flowers are considered delicate or fragile, they also have strength and boldness to them. These paintings are an exploration of a variety of textures, and bold strokes to convey the memories and experiences in my pieces. I am also excited about the process of creation, the adventure of using art materials, and the happy little accidents that can bring more interest in the artwork. The paintings are to be looked at from far away as well as up close to find these interesting, expressive effects.

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ibrant Encounters
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Shweta Ektare
Vibrant Encounters

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