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Thousand Shades Of Passion

by Badrunissa Irfan

13th Jan - 13th Feb, 2023


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Current Show

Thousand Shades Of Passion

By Badrunissa Irfan

Badrunnisa Irfan is no stranger to Sublime and this is her second showing at the galleria after her successful debut a few months ago. The selection of paintings on display this time round impresses one once again with its unvarnished honesty and direct appeal.

The Socratic truism that the more one knows, the more one knows how little one knows, is evident in all of Badrunnisa's works. This probably stems from her being an avid reader, whose bibliographic horizon is as broad as it is deep. But, then again, her art is less about knowledge and more about faith. The bedrock as well as the energy that animates her paintings is her abiding faith in the Almighty. She regards herself as an amanuensis of God, merely an instrument, a brush if you will, which is controlled by His will. Allah is the creator, she says, and that she is merely giving expression to what he has created.

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housand Shades Of Passion
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Badrunissa Irfan
Thousand Shades Of Passion

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