Sublime Galleria

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Located on the 8th floor,
Sky Bridge of UB City


In the heart of the
Bangalore Metropolis


10 years of success
in fostering art culture

Current Show

Artem Fusion

Opening Night: 12th Feb, 2021

Exhibition Date: 12th Feb, 2021 - 10th March, 2021

Timing: 11 am to 8 pm

Venue: Sublime Galleria, 8th floor, UB City (Sky Bridge)

Sublime brings to you “Artem Fusion” It is a perfect example of Pangenesis. Art promotes and helps creativity and helps divergent thinking Thus, promotes Metacognition.

We bring Mr. Vishwanath Mallabadi Davangere Son of Lt. Shri Shambu Mallabadi Davangere

We pay tribute to his immortal art by giving a glimpse which cannot be replicable.

Followed by his skills past on to his son who uses his creativity which inherits in the most unique and new age manner.

“ art is everywhere as it lies in the eyes of the beholder”


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