Current Show - Bangalore

by Benny Dsa
05th Apr to 29th Apr, 2024


Current Show - Hyderabad

Featuring works of Mr. Irfan Razack, Avijja Fonseka, and Varun Taneja.

22nd Mar, 2024


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Current Show- Bangalore

Limitless Boundaries

By Benny Dsa

Benny Dsa is a visual artist with a contemporary style. She moved from being a Chartered Accountant to a professional artist in 2017 and created the brand “BJollyCreations” with the purpose of bringing happiness into peoples lives through her work. With a penchant for mandala art, she has diversified her skills into various mediums creating artworks based on self-experiences, intricate geometric patterns, cultures, traditions , nature, humor situations and womanhood. Besides working on paper and canvas, she also likes to work with coconut shells and resin. She has worked on various bespoke commission artworks from local and global customers. Her works have been exhibited at various prestigious galleries like Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad, IIWC and ShadesCreative Gallery. As a yoga enthusiast, she also wants her works to spread the importance of exercise, mental health and a balanced life.

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imitless Boundaries
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Current Show- Hyderabad

Tales of the Wild

Featuring works of Mr. Irfan Razack, Avijja Fonseka, and Varun Taneja

Join us as we celebrate the extraordinarybeauty of wildlife and embark on a visualodyssey. Thoughtfully curated to showcasevarious ecosystems, the stunning diversityof wildlife across India, Sri Lanka & Africa,the exhibition aims to not only offer a rareglimpse into the soul of the wilderness butalso kindle a deep appre-ciation for thenatural world that these magnificentcreatures call it their home. The proceeds from this event will go to wildlife conservation efforts.

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ales of the Wild

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