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Expression of Art

There is no better deliverance from the World than through Art.
By Ria Aboobakar
10th Sep - 10th Oct, 2021


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Located on the 8th Floor, Sky Bridge of Ub City


In the Heart of the Bengaluru Metropolis


10 Years of Success In Fostering Art Culture

Current Show

Expression of Art

A collection by Ria Aboobakar

Exhibition Date: 10th Sep - 10th Oct 2021, 11am - 8pm

There is no better deliverance from the World than through Art. Her works are majorly with acrylics and uses rich bold colours that gives her silent poems a physical presence and life. All her paintings have stories and poems that envelop and embrace them like a cocoon. Each painting evokes a emotional response . When people see objects, places, images, She sees it in layers of colour. She tries to capture the moment in her canvas. Every moment lives on in a painting making it eternity eternal

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