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An abstract artist with a Bachelor's degree in Medical Laboratory Technology and over a year of experience as a tattoo artist. My artistic strengths lie in abstract expressionism and line art, and I have a passion for calligraphy and lettering. I have honed my craft in line art and developed a unique style that blends both precision and free-form expression. With a diverse background, I am excited to continue exploring new forms of artistic expression.
Vivek Diyali
Vivek Diyali is Singer /Songwriter from a small state called Sikkim currently based in Bangalore but he has already made a remarkable spot in and around Sikkim in his experience of 12 years in the field of music. From North to South and from East to West he has performed in various venues and he is also a frontman in a band called Wondercall.
Vivan Karki
Vivan Karki is a Singer/Music Producer from Sikkim itself and has been playing with Vivek Diyali and has also made his way to the Top 5 of a National reality show called Young Artiste . He is the lead guitarist of the band Wondercall.
Maulshree Mahajan
She has been penning down short stories and poems for newspapers and magazines since her pre-teen years.
Aniruddha Vyas
Aniruddha Vyas is a Bangalore based musician known for his versatile approach to music.
Smitha Mumdar
Her love of stage performance made her an active member of the campus theater club
Smitha Patvardhan
Smitha Patvardhan is a classical vocalist in the carnatic tradition.

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