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Aleksandr Ibragimov
Aleksandr Ibragimov is a London based professional artist painter, born in Russia in 1972 and he discovered...
Alefiyah Raja
Alefiyah describes each of her painting as associated with a plethora of memories with one dominant emotion.
Vijit Pillai
Vijit Pillai is a well recognised artist and a pioneer in New Media and Digital Art.
Inspired by nature, her artwork are depicted in an abstract and color tones are earthy, representing colors of nature.
Shan Re
For her art is an attempt to bypass the physical world and discover the boundless energy within the universe.
Dr. Archana Gupta
She has exhibited her work in several Indian cities as well as a few international exhibitions. 
Pardeep Verma
Pardeep Verma is an artist based out of Le Corbusier’s city, Chandigarh, in India.
Artist who has mastery in abstract paintings based on nature nursing different textures and techniques.
Srinath Bidare
Srinath's bond with art has been a lifetime of passion and dedication.
Rashmi Soni
Rashmi Soni is an established, award winning Internationally renowned contemporary artist.
Kalyan Chakraborty
While wildlife and photography were his first love, he is also an avid bike and car racer.
Shraddha Singh
Shraddha Singh is a realist Landscape Painter and her art embodies a sense of freedom and optimism.
Ria Aboobakar
All her paintings have stories and poems that envelop and embrace them like a cocoon.
Kami (the ghost of art), as the legend goes is the “Golden Boy” banished from the kingdom of clouds.

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