If one could describe mellifluous visually, it would look like Alefiyah Raja’s art. Alefiyah describes each of her painting as associated with a plethora of memories with one dominant emotion. One of India’s best known resin artist, every frame rendered by Alefiyah is a masterpiece, a scintillating miracle.

Lyrically fluid and reverberating with a melange of colours juxtaposed together, Alefiyah’s resin paintings are the purest form of abstraction. The shimmering luminosity of her paintings lend a certain transcendental aura to them. Just as a melody revel itself slowly before reaching a crescendo, Alefiyah’s paintings too slowly unravel themselves where one is bound to make a new discovery each time they see the work.

Alefiyah Raja’s stunning masterpiece can be described as elegance meets sublime and marries therapeutic…


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