A self taught Artist, retired HR professional currently residing in Bangalore. I am known for my impressionistic and modern paintings, a mix and blend of all art combinations that portray the world in all its colourful glory. In my paintings I bring people, places, objects, emotions and wrap them around my canvas with colors.
I work majorly with acrylics and use rich bold colours that give my silent poems a physical presence and life. All my paintings have stories and poems that envelop and embrace them like a cocoon. Each painting evokes a emotional response . l. When people see objects, places, images, I see it in layers of colour. I try to capture the moment in my canvas. Every moment lives on in a painting making it eternity eternal.
I have travelled extensively around the globe that has made my colour palette, & my imaginative horizons even more wider than humanely possible. I was unusually motivated and attracted by colours as a child & developed a close kinship with it, a friendship that is still going strong. Presently I am at that phase in life where I'm looking forward to where my art journey takes me, Wherever, whatever, whenever, however I am ready for the ride
I feel privileged to have my art as a companion on my life’s journey, painting pictures of my experiences, my hopes, my dreams, helping me through and keeping me sane & safe company. Art my constant companion encouraging me to explore new horizons.
My family has been my strongest motivation factor, my backbone, and my support system. Who have pushed me to be the kind of artist I am today.


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