Dr. Archana Gupta

Dr. Archana Gupta, B.A. (Fine Arts), Ph.D. (Pol. Science), born in Gwalior, India in 1963, has been practising Fine Arts for over 40 years. She has exhibited her work in several Indian cities as well as a few international exhibitions.

She has received numerous national and international awards.

Despite having worked with a variety of media on canvas, paper, pottery with water, oil, acrylic, and mixed media, her signature style is loose watercolour paintings. She has experimented with a wide range of subjects, including landscapes, seascapes, portraits, still life, flora and fauna, and folk arts such as Madhubani, Rajasthani, and Tanjaur. She has taught over 5000 students and continues to do so. Her paintings adorn the walls of homes, clubs, hotels, and art galleries around the world. She has led several workshops for serious art students and corporate entities, as well as judged several art competitions. She is now based in Bangalore, India, where she runs an art academy called “Archana’s Art” as well as a painting studio.

She is an Author of 5 books in the series of Loose Watercolour Paintings. Can Check out the books namely Loose Watercolour Flowers, Loose Watercolour Marine and Loose Watercolour Atmospheric Landscape and Loose Watercolour Impressionist Landscape. Also, keep an eye for her future publications on Plein Air, Mix Media, Handbook of Art which will be informative and will be useful for students and art teachers alike.


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