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"Art can heal you"

Since the inception, Sublime Galleria has accumulated nationwide appreciation and acclaim owing to its numerous initiatives. Now we are focusing on Global Platform. We support a much wider portfolio of fine artists now, who have adorned the gallery with their fine offerings, coming from a range of mediums, which also include photography and digital art, Paintings, Sculpture, new age art, recognition for artist, website registration etc. Since 2019, we have also initiated the emerging artist program, especially for the differently abled. Sublime Galleria is located at UB city, which is Bangalore’s hub for Fashion, Luxury and Fine Art and thus the ideal location for the manifestation of all things Art. Come visit us and connect with our Team for further assistance!

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We organise year round art exhibitions, which feature delightful artworks, based on a common theme by individual as well as group artists. Attended by buyers and those nurturing a fine taste in Art from all around the world, As we have collaboration with Art galleries from around the world, it is one mutually benefitting concept for artists along with the admirers of arts, providing artists with acknowledgement and success, and buyers with priceless artworks and enthralling experiences. You will also find a number of these mesmerising artworks in our online portfolio or virtual gallery on the Sublime Galleria website.

We also organise special exhibition and workshop for Adult children, Corperates Art therapy, art sessions on a regular basis to encourage and stimulate positive thinking, healthy cognition stress management and mentorship programme, in depth with the help of Arts as Learning never ends. Additionally, we arrange a range of workshops and talks focussing on Art, Music and theatre to bring out the potential of aspiring individuals, We have included launching Authors, Poets, musicians, We commission Art from all over the world, Curated specially for all budgets, art is for everyone, We have Art community and Art Retreats too

We are focussing on Art for cause, Sublime Galleria offers Art Bengaluru; India’s leading Art festival every year. So far nine editions of the festival have provided emerging and renowned artists from all over the world a platform to display their unique creativity.

Sublime Belives
“Art can heal you” “Art can accentuate the beauty of your living space” “Art encourages Innovation, Creativity, Positive cognition and helps in redirecting stressful thoughts into a positive outcome"

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India’s first Sky Gallery, Sublime Galleria was founded to serve as a platform to support emerging as well as renowned artists.

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