Badrunissa Irfan

Badrunissa Irfan is an artist whose third exhibition at the galleria showcases paintings that reflect her deep faith and spiritual connection to the Almighty. Her works are characterized by their bright and vibrant colours, bold strokes, and a celebration of nature as a manifestation of the divine. She sees herself as a conduit for God’s creation and aims to express this through her art. While her paintings may appear ordinary at first glance, they possess profound layers of meaning upon closer inspection. Badrunissa draws inspiration from the Quran, particularly emphasizing the idea that nature reflects the existence of God. Her art communicates directly to the soul, evoking a powerful and instinctive response in the viewer. She often paints in her garden, finding inspiration in the beauty of creation. Horses, as well as heroic themes of war and the ocean, frequently appear in her artwork. Badrunissa acknowledges her debt to her mother for her artistic talent and perfectionist attitude. Her attention to detail is remarkable, although she recognizes that nothing can compare to the true magnificence of God’s work. Overall, Badrunissa art expresses humility and a profound understanding of the divine presence in all aspects of creation.


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