Kaveri Rangappa

As an autodidact in the realm of Generative AI and artistry, my voyage has been one of deep exploration into the limitless potential of combining art with cutting-edge technology. Driven by a profound passion for expressive creativity that reaches into the essence of my being, my artistic expressions predominantly unfold within the vivid and unrefined landscapes of Art Brut and Editorial Illustration. This journey underscores my conviction in the transformative essence of art, as I endeavor to leverage technology not merely for creating art but for crafting extraordinary pieces that convey profound messages.

My ambition extends beyond mere creation; I aim to inspire, provoke, and stimulate contemplation through my art. I am dedicated to expanding the horizons of the conceivable, with technology serving as my palette and my inventive essence as the brush. As I progress on my artistic path, I am in pursuit of representation that resonates with my ethos of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, crafting art that not only distinguishes itself but also embodies a deeper meaning


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