• Date

    19 May to 04th June, 2023

  • Time

    11am - 8pm

  • Location

    Sublime Galleria, 8th Floor, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore – 560 001

  • Artist

    Manju Latha

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Concept Note

If have ever wondered what sounds look like, or colors sound like, you are not alone. Most of us can only wonder, but Synesthesia is a special power that, when reflected through art, can create magical art pieces.

When what you see coincides with what you hear or what you smell, you experience synesthesia. The simultaneous perception of two or more stimuli as one gestalt experience. Artists have used their ability to create spectacular art by visualizing how they perceive sound, time, numbers, letters and daily activities. When you look at these creative art of mine, it is almost like you can hear the sonic sounds of the beautiful art. With the different patterns in the arts, you are able to feel art come to life in many different forms. Look for everything you connect with, in the art, and you might just find your art language hidden in these patterns.

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    Manju Lata is an artist born in Jaunpur (Uttar Pradesh), India (1967), currently living in Bengaluru, Karnataka. She is an autodidact and has learnt digital painting all by herself. She started working as an artist in Lucknow, India for various art websites. She majorly works on the lines of Abstract. Expressionism art movement. Mother of 2, her art depicts the visuals of the world which she sees from her eyes as a mother. Camouflaged with events and phenomena of nature, the origin, the decay and the several environmental ripples around us, her art tickles the human curiosity, with subtlety.


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    India’s first Sky Gallery, Sublime Galleria was founded to serve as a platform to support emerging as well as renowned artists.

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