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By Sublime Galleria | November 11, 2017

Pragya Jain’s has a common theme to it made obvious by her lavish use of a digitised style consisting of replicating pixels used in digital media. Her work is largely abstract with colour tones that are well balanced to the eye. The pieces are largely embedded with a modern style. Her use of a familiar palette and colour schemes gives the viewer a sense of relation and understanding of the subjects in her pieces.

Staccato (II)

Her work is really moving with its sense of growth, freedom and celebration. The play of warm and cool colours in her work is very evident and is cleverly juxtaposed to create beautiful works of art. The silhouettes of the women in ballerina poses seems to represent them breaking out of their pre-constructed moulds and growing into something so delicate yet strong. Her gentle play of pixels at the corners and within some of the silhouettes give a burst of excitement in the already established gentle demeanour of the piece. It also has a sense of a dance between fire and water brought about by the colour scheme. All in all, it is a very well-balanced piece.

Portrait 3 & Portrait 4

Her portrait series done in a circular manner is very alluring and quite interesting. The series is a fabulous testimony to visual story-telling where it unfolds a sequence of events or emotions, in order. The first portrait seems to be like a person finding suspicion in everything good around her. The second is a contrasting idea in which the person is oblivious in her own youth and innocence to the cruel world around her. Both these artworks seem to have a direct correlation in the way the silhouette and the background has been coloured. The third and the fourth are a conclusion of the previous two moods intermixing scepticism and naivety. It seems, in the third and the fourth portrait that she has chosen to hold onto her youth and unaltered innocence but at the same time she seems to have gained a sense of wisdom. The four pieces have been powerfully put across.

Ballet Confetti

Her piece has a sense of chaotic calm to it. Even though it’s trying to put across a sensation of celebration and exultation, yet, it can also be interpreted as a struggle between two conflicting ideas. And the confetti in the artwork are like the result of an explosion caused by the powerful battle between the two women in the piece. A sense of anger resides in this piece brought about by the use of the earthy and fiery colour, red. There is wonderful sense of wholesomeness this piece brings about along with a subtle undertone of anger and skirmishes.

The Confidant

This piece has a very strong rhythmic feel to it and a sense of intended direction, urging the viewer to look at the piece as if it had a beginning and an ending, yet again brining her brilliant visual story-telling into life. Her use of pixels here is done skillfully. By changing the dimensions of the cubes, she’s able to create a strong flow in the painting. In conclusion, it has successfully come across as a strong and resonant piece.

Pride Land (ii)

This piece is a culmination of different style. She’s brought about a beautiful water colour effect that’s gently laid alongside the pixel play that on a whole, makes for an eye-catching piece. The vibrant and exuberant emotions are very sensibly portrayed. The piece has the look of a faraway land and has a magical feel to it.

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