Evolution of Modern Forms

  • Date

    03 Mar to 03 Apr, 2023

  • Time

    11am - 8pm

  • Location

    Sublime Galleria, 8th Floor, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore – 560 001

  • Artist

    Atreyee Bhattacharjee

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Concept Note

An artist, Curator, Restorer, Editor, Creative writer and now a Research candidate, I have been wearing many hats in my professional career that spans more than 7 years. The journey also included commercial works with firms like Siemens & Bharat Petroleum as well as involvement in multiple state & national level workshops & bagging few prestigious awards.

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    My creations are highly motivated by the amalgamation of Classical & Mythological Art Forms ; as well as the consistent evolution of Modern Forms and Robotic gesture. I am open and flexible in choosing conceptual parts in my work and many times It has been inspired by ancient Indian Philosophy, Scripts & Myths, and social aspects, incidents, social incidents and human psychology. The major experiments on chronological developments of classical forms of human compositions and design elements to till the evolution of next futuristic forms are the main points of experiment in my works. The emotions and expressions are applied as catalysts to take the composition in action. I am fascinated by the complex nature of love , at once a source of pleasure and pain . There is the ecstasy felt by the chosen beloved or ardent admirer . Love's fleeting nature however , also highlights the despairs of the forsaken , unnoticed and forgotten lovers , often symbolized by physically visible wounds . The surreal aspect of an isolated lover ‘ s eye attracts me tremendously — the idea of physical dismemberment which is symbolic of a removal or estrangement of a loved one , not unlike the reliquaries of saints in old devotional images . It reminds me of the Mexican ‘ Milagros ‘ — little charms of different body parts used to aid in praying for the healing of broken arms or hearts , or even eyes . Compositionally speaking , the framed ornamental eye gives context and a reason for a floating third or fourth eye in a painting. It is a device of conceit : a portrait within a portrait . Following the way of my thought, I have turned towards the Ancient Indian Style , and also the Mythology of Ancient India . I was inspired from the Indian Temple Sculptures and also from its stories . The Innocence and Impulse of the Indian Classical Sculptures touched my heart and inspired me to anoint these classical styles and expressions of this Art , and by this influence I have created all of these sculptures on the present time and stage of Modern Contemporary Art.I also trying to modify it’s form from classical to contemporary with all my creations in contemporary. My works are also connects Human, their vivid philosophy and life struggles in different time and the relation of man and soil.


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