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05 Apr

Just as the universe mums the din while the earth releases it to its inhabitants, the sound and its vibrations can play the role of both, nuisance and healer. Reflecting this mystery of mind over matter, the spirit silently offers us the power to live the life we choose!

This perception of connectedness in opposites, is captured by Lovina Tanya Khemlani in the series as Echoes & Silence. Echo which deliberates a world of fear, insecurity and noise. And Silence, because inside us is a unique world private to oneself where peace, forgiveness and happiness are the choices we can make.

After her last exhibition that showcased spontaneity with flamed alcoholic inks on tiles, Lovina celebrates her indulgence with acrylics taking it into a new wave of expressions this time around. The Echoes & Silence collection speaks a special language that seeks to subtly present the many facets of life and the beauty of living it harmoniously by choice, not just by chance.

Here’s a peak into what one can expect at the exhibition that also reflects Lovina’s spiritual side:

‘Chakras’ that align to offer power and stability to tame the outward turmoil; or, the ‘5 Elements’ that showcase the grace of ‘Panchcha Bhootashuddi’ where unexplained disturbances in life get bypassed. Another stopper is the mesmerizing Peepul leaf art, where the leaves have been processed for two months to arrive in its transparent glitter, that further pours out mantras on the canvas.

We invite you to come experience Echoes & Silence.

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