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05 Apr

‘More Than Hands’ is an exhibition of paintings curated by Astha, a non-profit organization based in Bangalore that works towards empowering the differently abled. The show is a celebration of uniqueness and respecting the abilities of the artists. The exhibition proves the fact that disability is only a state of mind. The artists Manjibhai Ramani and Manoj Bhingare are mouth & foot artists from Ahmedabad and Surat respectively. Both of them lost their arms in an accident. However, that did not stop them from following their passion for art and getting a degree in Fine Arts. Manjibhai even runs an art institute in Ahmedabad. Their artworks include abstract, figurative and landscapes.

To know that these paintings have been done by mouth and foot leaves us to believe that each individual is gifted and the journey of life is to discover the gift and show to the world.

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