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Located on the 8th floor,
Sky Bridge of UB City


In the heart of the
Bangalore Metropolis


8 years of success
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Dancing with the clouds

Dancing with the clouds

Opening Night: 7th Apr, 2019 (6 PM - 9 PM)

Exhibition Date: 7th Jun - 4th July, 2019

Timing: 11 AM - 8 PM

Venue: Sublime Galleria, UB City, 8th floor, Sky Bridge

Dancing with the clouds is a collection of whimsical paintings by Artist Tarab Khan. These paintings area poetic rendering of dream sequences created through the prism of her imagination. Mystical creatures like unicorns and Pegasus playfully swirl in many of her paintings, teleporting you to an imaginary fabled land. Carved in the meadows of silence, her paintings are a projection of whimsical stories and serene poetry that traces many passages of time.

Art is incoherent and it crystallizes in the helms of a deep quest.It is a mysterious imaginary voyage unbounded by physically and realism. Blooming in a mystic realm, her Art Extends beyond the pyramids of life and contours of death. It is a limitless world of swirling fantasies and eluding truth.

Tarab paints on canvas and illustrates on paper with visible ink. She uses Oil. Acrylic and water based color as her medium.

Tarab Khan is an Artist and Author of the book. ~ DANCING WITH THE CLOUDS ~ fables of enchantment and intrigue. Published by BLOOMSBURY, the book is an irresistible invitation to experience life through the prism of little girl’s curiosity and her playful imagination. She is now working on her 2nd book ~ SKIES & FLESH ~ Dark Luminous Poems, illustrated with equally poised surrealist art.

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