Sublime Galleria

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Located on the 8th floor,
Sky Bridge of UB City


In the heart of the
Bangalore Metropolis


8 years of success
in fostering art culture

The Festive Affair

The Festive Affair

Opening Night: 12th Apr, 2019 (6 PM - 9 PM)

Exhibition Date: 12th Apr - 5th May, 2019

Timing: 11 AM - 8 PM

Venue: Sublime Galleria, UB City, 8th floor, Sky Bridge

April 2019 will see a burst of colour here at Sublime Galleria! The birth of an idea in an artist’s mind can be sparked by multiple stimuli that make up the surrounding. Artists use several things to convey thoughts, opinions and expressions. Each art work is a beautiful amalgamation of the artist, the viewer, the concept and the medium. The artist gets to choose which one of these take the centre stage.

This show brings you an array of artworks that have been created with colours as their main focus. The artworks on display engage the viewer with not just colour but also its usage as a communicative tool.

Mr. DM Pradeep is mostly known for his line of wonderful art works. Here he is showcasing mixed media work.

Mr. Kanthraj N uses his colours boldly and unapologetically. The watercolour landscape paintings shows lightings and lines of composition to give a peaceful look and creates a mysterious atmosphere, because nature is with full of colours which controls the rhythm of his life.

Mr. Lingaraju MS successfully creates abstractions of familiar things. These artworks show the concept of broken time by observing nature and showcasing it with watercolour and pen medium.

Mr. MS Sundar Murthy has always strived to reinvent himself as an artist and creates artworks of familiar things and surroundings. His work depicts diverse culture and life styles of India through landscapes, portraits and cityscapes. He documents what he sees everyday with life.

Mr. Manjunath Wali as usual accomplishes to create nostalgia with his figurative and surreal works. He loves to show his childhood and what he has forever cherished with architecture that is synonymous with that period. Its mystery, charming as it is, inspires all audiences alike and sure enough it inspired Wali to create a series of works to celebrate his memories.

Mr. Vikrant Shitole use of colour is subtle and draws the viewer into his narratives and best known for his watercolours. He is a graduate in fine arts with merit from L. S. Raheja school of art. He paints with various styles, mediums and techniques - adopting the best suitable feature to reproduce on paper what he sees in person. Most of his achievements till now have been in fluid medium of watercolours and genre of landscapes.

Come be part of ‘The Festive Affair’

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