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By Sublime Galleria | December 9, 2017

Akhilesh has a deep understanding of the visual language. His expression is complex whilst keeping his medium very simplistic. His work is relatable. His bold lines and patterns are reminiscent of cave paintings. There is a definitive influence of primal human expression. It’s raw, communicative and enthralling for a viewer.

Desparate Green

In this painting, the elements are juxtaposed beautifully with one another. The artist is clever with his communication. He uses colours that are contrasting. The elements are stark against a solid rich coloured green. It almost reminds the viewer of a forest. It’s suggestive. The artist not only converses with the viewer but is successful in creating a dialogue between the visuals in this work. It almost seems like a world of its own where the animals mirror the urbane life of humans. It’s whimsical and keeps the viewer engaged and involved in the narration that is unfolding in this artwork.


In The Beginning Blue Was Red

In this painting, there is an underlying harmony. The colours complement each other rather than stark contrasts that the artist uses in few of his other works. In the composition, the negative space enhances the positive. This artwork has more fluidity and motion. The narrative is intentionally chaotic.

Yogendra Tripathi’s abstract creations are deep and captivating. He layers and overlaps his strokes to create a multifaceted artwork. The artist engages the viewer with his complex visual language. The use of textures in his work is earthy.


Untitled 1

This artwork seems primordial. The artists approach to the artwork is intricate and is juxtaposed cleverly. The strokes in this artwork are expressionistic yet controlled. It creates a cave-like ambience for the viewer. The artwork bears a resemblance to an ancient carving that has captured the thoughts and response of the artist’s mind.


Untitled 8

The artist has a strong hold on the nuances of creating an abstract artwork. He has expertly captured the raw essence of a cave painting. It reminds viewers of the first interaction of human beings with communication and documentation. He presents the simplistic nature of his visuals to the audience. Yet it is complex in its approach to the viewer because of the urban settings it is being presented in. The medium of expression is painterly. It is suggestive of hieroglyphs and Carto-graphs.

Sachin Deo explores layers in all his works. It’s the layering of mediums, subjects and concepts, making it is rich and engaging. He is imaginative and juxtaposes his elements carefully. His artworks are an amalgamation of rich textures and materials that create interesting collages.


Illusion 3


It Should Be Untitled 4

The artwork is a collage of images, textures and colours all put together to create it. The visual language in this artwork is strong. It evokes a sense of familiarity. It’s like a reflection of our physical surroundings. Stark contrasts that exist within the multifaceted society. The figures form and change making the artwork ephemeral and fluid.

This artwork reminds one of the Water Lilies by Monet. Both arts work capturing the essence of their surrounding with intricate strokes and colours. The artwork brings about a certain calm and allows the viewer to be engaged for a sustained period of time.

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