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05 Apr

Badami caves found in Karnataka is a testimony to the brilliant works of artisans from the Chalukya period which reigned from 543 AD to 753 AD. The temples here are the typical rock cut architecture that is synonymous with this period. Its mystery, charming as it is, inspires all audiences alike and sure enough it inspired Mr. Manjunath Wali to create a series of works to celebrate and explore these beautiful caves in his paintings. Wali, as he is fondly known by his friends and family, belongs to a village not far from Badami. This gave him an opportunity to be one with the caves for a long time. The boyish wonder in him reminiscences this iconic place through his latest series aptly titled Once Upon a Time.

Art and expression has been an inherent part of Wali. He has experimented with various mediums since his childhood days. Young Wali was encouraged by his older brother to pursue art as his full time career. This was a much needed boost for a young boy ready to embark upon his dreams. Today, his wife has given him the same support and faith that his brother has shown him all through these years!

He completed his post-graduation from Dharwad University and came to Bangalore 2002 to further his career. He has been successful in creating a niche for himself in the Bangalore art world.

He first showed his art in the 7th Karnataka Kala Mela. From this point forward his growth has been exponential. He won the Camlin Award Pan India twice in a row in the 2013 and 2014. He has shown his works in the 45th Karnataka Lalit Kala Academy show in 2017. His art has been featured in the 59th National Exhibition of Art. Wali’s art was one among the 490 pieces selected from across 71 countries for the International Water Color Society Exhibition.
His art works have caught the attention of many peers and seniors alike. Mr. Gurudas Shenoy, a celebrated artist both nationally and internationally, loves Wali’s Hampi series and went to on to appreciate Wali’s expertise in handling water-colour with dexterity and simplicity which is unique in itself.

– By Samyuktha Rao

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