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Hues of SpikesBack to Blog

By Sublime Author | October 8, 2018

As a self-taught artist, Chetana Ravi has received the right guidance and ample support from her friends and family when it comes to her art. Not shying away from her unique thought process and the subjects for her paintings, the artist managed to bring together a myriad of cultures under one roof, co-existing peacefully, with no space for conflict.

Take a look at her work, and you will find that the ‘spike’ imagery occurs extensively in her works, and the colours blue and green, clearly among her favourites, are a recurring theme.

Over time, Chetana Ravi has grown and matured as an artist, and has found her ground in the art world, with an open mind to evolving further as an artist.

Her subjects range quite vastly and are based on her fields of interest - from Sufi saints to flora and fauna to even mythical creatures like the Pegasus. Regardless of the difference in the culture of her subjects, one will find that every one of them fits in gracefully in her collection, accommodating the other with much joy. After all, two cultures are only as different as you want them to be.

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